Being from Michigan originally, Kelly graduated from Lake Superior State University where she earned a B.S. in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing.  After surviving the very cold winters in the Upper Peninsula, Kelly relocated to the warm and sunny South 29 years ago. 

Kelly worked in the corporate world for 6 years and was a top producing sales agent in the Southeast Region every year.  After realizing that she had the motivation and drive needed, she started her own corporate headhunting business for outside sales reps.  This was a great challenge and very successful.  She then decided to take some time off to start a family. 

Kelly has always had an interest in real estate.  Over the last decade she has been investing in properties, renovating properties, and she was also a landlord.  She has been a very successful Realtor from the beginning.  She has consistently been a multi-million dollar producer.  Over the years, she has dealt with many different agents and situations, and she has the knowledge and experience to exceed your every expectation.  She consistently works 60 hours a week and this is what keeps her on top.  She thrives on competition, and she is not afraid of constant communication and hard work.   

Kelly has remarried and now has 4 stepchildren in addition to Mackenzie and Drew.  Her husband, Danny, serves in the active Air Force Reserves and flies on the C-17's out of Charleston and is also a realtor.  Together they have a very full life and take advantage of every minute! 

So when you decide that you'd like to buy or sell a home in the Charleston area, please contact Kelly.